Pure CBD Oil Extract 600 mg 1 fl oz


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General Description

This CBD oil contains 600 mg of CBD in a 1 fl oz bottle, providing 20 mg of CBD per serving size (1 dropperful). It is made from pure CBD isolate, and blended with organic fractionated coconut oil (MCT) to aid absorption. It is odorless and tasteless. The pure isolate oil has a CBD content above 99% with a zero THC content, per third party laboratory results.

Our CBD material is organically grown and extracted in a 300-acre, licensed Hemp farm located in Colorado, USA. The company manufactures CBD at its state-of-the-art facility using efficient extraction equipment under strict quality control protocols, including third party laboratory testing.

Pure Isolate CBD oil extracts are chosen have an advanced level of purity with the absence of ancillary compounds as terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids. It has no risk of psychoactive effect as it does not contain any THC. It is recommended for those who are sensitive to THC and its potential impairment of thinking and motor functioning.


Many experts believe that CBD supports wellness. Research has suggested that it may stimulate the endocannabinoid system via its interaction with cannabinoid receptors in the human brain.

Although results vary widely from person to person the general consensus seems to be that CBD can induce a sense of relaxation and encourage a restful night’s sleep when taken before bed. It supports the nervous system and and the body's healthy response to pain.

Suggested Use

Shake the oil extract well prior to use. Place 1 dropperful drops under your tongue for one minute each morning or evening and adjust usage as needed. Morning and 30 minutes before sleep are preferred. Most people find half to one dropper per day to be sufficient, though dosage may be adjusted up or down. 

When using his product for first time, we suggest maintaining a consistent daily schedule for a week. Observe and note the effects and adjust the dosage or timing as desired.

Which Strength is Right For You?

Suggested strength based on body weight

Smaller and lighter-weight people usually find that one serving of 10 mg/mL once a day is ideal. Larger and heavier people (roughly 160+ lbs) will most likely find that one serving of 20 mg/mL once a day may work well.

Suggested strength based on current physical condition

People dealing with issues regarding soreness, anxiety, and poor sleep, may find that a 20 mg daily dose will be best for them. If your physical condition is mild, one 10 mg may be sufficient.


CBD can make some people drowsy, consult your doctor before use if breastfeeding or pregnant. Keep away from children.