We formulate superior plant-based products to support your natural lifestyle.

Our Story

While humans do live longer than ever before, we now suffer certain illnesses to a high degree. Our inmmune system and inner body balance are often affected by high levels of stress and unhealthy habits. Our planet is also in a difficult situation, poised at the brink of a severe environmental crisis. These challenges inspired the creation of Elderflower Botanicals, a plant-medicine company that promotes an eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle. It was founded in 2019 by chemical engineer and herbalist Patricia Marquis, to share the benefits of herbal remedies and her love for nature and science. Elderflower Botanicals story started in an old 14 acres herbal farm in Southern Maine, USA.

Patricia Marquis Herbalist

Owner and Founder

Patricia Marquis

Our Commitment to Earth

We support eco-friendly methods of farming & harvesting. Our plant material is organic or ethically wild-harvested. Did you know the average plastic bag takes up to 1,000 years to break down? This is why we use plastic-free packaging!

Our Commitment to Quality

We use certified organic and non-synthetic ingredients from US vendors. Each lot of plant material comes with a Certificate of Analysis to ensure purity. Product formulation is our strength, we create high quality, long-lasting products.


This cream is great! The rose smell is so natural and fragrant is amazing. It absorbs quickly and leave my skin looking great. Thanks for creating such a natural product.

Iris Capraro

This extract is by far the best product I have been able to find for sleep support. During the day, I am constantly going at 100% and I find it difficult to calm down almost every night. Since taking this extract, falling asleep has become a lot easier. I have found that not only do I sleep better, I feel better during the day and have not been sick since I started taking this!

David Block